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What is this?

This is a blog series in which I take on a widely despised media work and argue in its defense; emphasizing the good, or at least redeemable aspects of a movie, TV show, video game, etc.

Why am I doing this?

Because Internet personalities mocking things (e.g. Angry Video Game Nerd) are a dime a dozen on the Internet, but series defending things are much rarer. Still, people tend to root for the underdog, and that’s why the main characters of Ace Attorney are on the defense while prosecutors tend to be the antagonists. My goal is not necessarily to change people’s minds, but I hope at least people will see things from a different perspective. I am convinced that there’s no one-size-fits-all measure of quality, but it depends largely on how well a media piece resonates with a person’s lived experience. In other words, not bad, but misunderstood. Also, it’s precisely because of the fun of defending things that I often find controversial media more interesting than popular media, and I learned a lot from reading people arguing in favour of things I don’t care for.

At the same time, I understand why media prosecutors tend to be more common. It’s cathartic to rip into something terrible, and I know that as a bad movie fan. Prosecution is easier because it is more often aligned with popular opinion. Also, it’s easy to dig up obscure bad things to review, but defending things is unsustainable for a series because eventually, you run out of stuff you feel passionate about. Still, there are a lot of bad “angry” critics out there, and often, exaggerating the negative makes you look like an asshole (Confused Matthew is the best example of that). Even AVGN has lost appeal over time since James Rolfe ended up being a more likable character as his humble self. So I guess part of this is trying to bring a more positive balance to the Internet Force or something.

What am I not doing?

Stuff I enjoy because of their flaws rather than in spite of them: e.g. Plan 9 from Outer Space, Neil LaBute’s The Wicker Man.

Devil’s advocate entries. The intent is to be sincere, so I’m not going to attempt making The Star Wars Holiday Special look good.

Things that do not have a sufficient level of backlash against them. In other words, if I cannot verify “Wait, X is hated?” then it doesn’t count.

Things in which I have nothing new to add. In other words, things which I can simply link to someone else’s article and call it a day.

Things which I like, but generally agree with the criticism, including the redeeming aspects. For instance, my enjoyment of the Star Wars prequels pretty much boils down to “Palpatine,” and that’s hardly an uncommon opinion.

Suggestions. I need to have a personal history with something in order to defend it. That being said, everyone is free to write their own reviews.

What am I planning to feature?

Tentatively, and not in chronological order:

Cardcaptors (the Nelvana dub)

Glen or Glenda (Yes, the Ed Wood movie)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the live-action movie; Christmas special)

The Nightmare on Elm Street sequels (Halloween special; also, RIP Wes Craven; his original movie was responsible for converting me into a horror fan)

Pokémon (the main anime)


Yeah, short list, but the conditions above filtered out a lot of things. I may add more things as I think of them.