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Been a while since I wrote in this thing. Part of it was because I was having trouble deciding on what kind of blog I wanted it to be. For my early posts, I wrote a lot of sociopolitical stuff, but truth be told, I’m kind of burned on that. Eventually, you end up coming off as a broken record, or worse, it makes you more bitter and vindictive. I’ll still be writing about that when I feel like it, since the election’s coming up, and also because issues such as cyberstalking (most prominently with the Amanda Todd case) don’t get the attention they deserve, but I resolve to be more constructive from here on out. That’s going to be challenging to keep, since deep resentment towards my suburban upbringing tends to lurk into my posts, especially some of my more vindictive ones, but I’m trying to get better at avoiding stereotyping and dropping grudges. I’m not deleting anything, since it’s a personal blog, but I’ve had changes of heart regarding some of my posts. For instance, I realized some things such as oil pipeline protests transcend political boundaries, and individual situations can’t be simply classified as liberal/conservative/socialist/etc. Meeting people in campaigns and protests makes a difference for your political views, as solving real-world problems necessitates being more pragmatic.

Also, I have other interests, and I feel emphasizing politics too much tends to make those topics look frivolous in comparison. Yeah, I know any field with celebrities such as Rob Ford and Donald Trump can’t be too serious, but I feel that going from Ferguson to children’s cartoons tends to alienate people who aren’t adapted to such a tonal shift. Sure, I treat it as my diary, but it’s still out in the open for people to read. Though being under-the-radar has the perk of making topic transitions easier, since I don’t have the baggage that comes with being scrutinized as a celebrity. In any case, I prefer the freedom of not being locked into any particular subject, so the blog can better reflect my thoughts.

Speaking of that, I have been wanting to get into writing stories, hence that Fake Geek Girl Adventures thing. The idea came to me partly from being inspired by Elizabeth Simins’ personal story in Manic Pixel Dream Girl, and consequently, wanting to do a pseudo-adaptation of that story. Also, I wanted to give Fake Geek Girl a name, to show that there’s an actual person on the face of that meme (would be interesting to meet the girl in the photo someday). Originally, I envisioned her as someone who tends to make witty comebacks at those questioning her credentials, but in the end, Stacy turned out to be more of a Disney protagonist, not only because it better fit the Manic Pixel Dream Girl story, but because I felt she was more relatable that way (kind of like how Po from Kung Fu Panda was originally conceived as arrogant, but Jack Black made him more innocent for the final movie). She still got to reference Sonic the Hedgehog, though. I may write a full commentary at some point, especially because it would be interesting to bring the story to life on the stage (if I ever get a clue of idea of how to get started with producing such a thing).

I have one other story planned for Stacy and friends, but other than that, I would be interested in seeing other people write Fake Geek Girl stories, with Fake Geek Girl being a title rather than referring to any one person. I’m not sure what people thought of this story, but I felt it was a good starting point experience-wise, and I have a few other ideas floating around waiting to be written.