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(Afternoon, convention centre, video game hall. Hoenn Elite Four music is playing over the battle)

ANNOUNCER: The score stands 2-1 in Lydia’s favour! It looks like it’s all over!

(Lucina deftly dodges Zelda’s attacks, baiting out an attack to deliver the final strike)


The winner is…Lucina! (round of applause)

ANNOUNCER: Amazing! Zelda was no match for Lucina’s agility! Lydia will be moving onward!

Dyed hair makes good gator repellent(shakes hand) Good game.

a.k.a. StacyYou’re really good. A lot better than I’ll ever be.

Dyed hair makes good gator repellentHey, everyone’s gotta start somewhere. I wasn’t that good at first either, but I had friends to help me along the way.

a.k.a. StacyThat’s the thing. I don’t have many people to play with.

Dyed hair makes good gator repellentHmm…how about this? I’ll give you my number, and we can stay in touch for practice sessions.

a.k.a. StacyReally? You’d do that for me?

Dyed hair makes good gator repellentAnything to help a fellow girl out.

a.k.a. StacyAww, that’s so nice of you. Good luck with the rest of the tournament!

Dyed hair makes good gator repellentThanks. I’ll need it.


(Early evening, final round between Sam and Lydia, to the tune of the Kanto Gym Theme from the Pokemon anime)

ANNOUNCER: We are truly witnessing the ultimate match here, folks. Sam, ever the strong, silent type, has utterly annihilated the competition thus far with Diddy Kong. But Emily is holding on to her dear last life!

(in the stands)

a.k.a. StacyC’mon Lydia! You can do it!

Milking a pun for all its worthShe’s really good, isn’t she?

REN: Yeah. I’m so glad we signed up, even if we all got knocked out early. These players have really inspired me to work on my game.

UNCLE: Yeah, kids today have become so smart. Never in my life did I expect to see a girl as one of the top players.

a.k.a. StacyWell, now you know.

(after several rounds of blows and dodges, Lucina slips on a surprise peel, which Diddy Kong punishes with a final attack. The crowd bursts out hollering and cheering.)

ANNOUNCER: WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations to Sam, our new champion! I’ve never seen anyone maneuver Diddy Kong so well!

SAM: (shakes hands) Thanks for such a great experience. It was truly a thrill to face someone as skilled as you.

Dyed hair makes good gator repellentThe same with you too. I guess I’ll have to settle for second, but I’ll be ready for you next time.

SAM: I’ll be waiting.

(Stacy, Oliver, Ren, and Uncle come down from the stands)

Dyed hair makes good gator repellentWell, that was my best result so far.

a.k.a. StacyWe were all hoping you’d win.

Dyed hair makes good gator repellentI was too, naturally. But there’s always a better player out there.

REN: Hey, you’re still better than all of us.

Milking a pun for all its worthYeah. I can’t imagine how I’d beat your Lucina.

Dyed hair makes good gator repellentEh, it’s not to get too complacent. For all I know, you could all be my fiercest rivals someday. (turns to Uncle) So, how long have you been playing?

UNCLE: Since the arcade days. Haven’t had time to get back into it, but perhaps a little motivation from my niece could get these old thumbs working again.

a.k.a. StacyAww, thanks, Uncle. You’re the best! (hugs him)

UNCLE: (surprised, then smiles)

Milking a pun for all its worthWell, it looks like we ought to get going. Let’s all keep in touch, shall we?

REN: I have to attend to the Gamer Club, but I’ll find some time.

Dyed hair makes good gator repellentI’ll try to visit whenever I get the chance.

a.k.a. StacySounds good. Bye, everyone!


a.k.a. Stacy(narrating) So, we all became close friends after that tournament.

(video game club gathering is shown)

a.k.a. Stacy(narrating) Oliver and I have started our own club, Games for Everyone. Emily was right; it turned out that several girls liked video games at my school, but just needed friends to show them there was nothing strange about it. Ren comes around every so often. He doesn’t let Lucas know of course.

(Stacy is seen at her computer)

a.k.a. Stacy(narrating) Speaking of Lydia, we keep in touch. She’s really smart. Not only does she kick my butt online, she’s also a math prodigy who’s applying for a computer science degree. Hmm…maybe I should get into programming too….

(Shows dinner with Oliver, Ren, and Uncle)

a.k.a. Stacy(narrating) Uncle and I have become a lot closer. He’s still a bit hesitant to play with us kids, but we always appreciate his wisdom. And his crankiness.

(Shows Stacy, Oliver, Uncle, Ren, and Emily huddled around TV screen, with a match against M. Bison in Street Fighter II playing. Oliver hands the controller to Stacy.)

a.k.a. Stacy(voice-over) As for Lucas…well, I’m still waiting on that rematch.

UNCLE: Just like her old man, picking Chun-Li.

Milking a pun for all its worthYou think she’ll finally win it for us?

REN: Positive. The highest-level computer is no match for Stacy.

Dyed hair makes good gator repellentYes. She’s gotten a lot better in the last few months.


CHUN-LI: Hahahahaha! Yatta!

Milking a pun for all its worthQuick, we need to get a picture of this moment.

Dyed hair makes good gator repellent(readies camera) All right everyone, get ready! (runs over)

ALL: (strikes Street Fighter style victory pose just before camera flashes) YEAH!

(Street Fighter II ending music plays in the background)


Here I leave a riddle, as my final word,

What makes a faker and what makes a nerd?