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(Morning, convention centre entrance)

Milking a pun for all its worthPhew, made it. Better get in line. Looks like the Gamer Club’s just getting signed in.

(at reception)

REN: Representing the Gamer Club, miss.

RECEPTIONIST: Okay…(checks off names) Your registration is confirmed. Please head down the hall.

REN: I’m pretty nervous. Those city kids are going to be tough.

LUCAS: Stop being such a sissy, Ren. They’re no different from the usual online scrubs.

(Gamer Club walks away)

(Receptionist sighs) Noobkiller, seriously?

UNCLE: Okay, you kids get signed up. I’m going to wait in the hall.

a.k.a. StacyWait, what? Aren’t you going to wait in line with us?

UNCLE: It’s your contest, kiddos. Better hurry, it’s a long line-up.

a.k.a. StacyUm…excuse me Oliver. Could you reserve a spot?

Milking a pun for all its worthSure thing! (gets in line)

a.k.a. Stacy(steps aside, faces Uncle) I thought we were going into this as a team! I signed on all three of us!

UNCLE: You did? I never agreed to this.

a.k.a. StacyCome on, Uncle! You’re here, so why not have some fun? Show off some of your skills?

UNCLE: Skills? I haven’t played in ages. I don’t know a thing about “wavedashing” or “L-canceling” or anything else you kids keep blabbing about.

a.k.a. StacyBut you were the best Street Fighter player around!

UNCLE: That was just a few games over drinks at the pub. We never had tournaments. It was just something we did after work.

a.k.a. Stacy(gasps in shock) You mean, you’re not a gaming vet?

UNCLE: Heavens, no. I’m an old man. Do you think I have any time left for video games? I have a busy job and a family to care for.

a.k.a. StacyI’m your family too! All I wanted was for us to have fun together. It doesn’t matter how good you are.

UNCLE: Oh, come on Stacy. You don’t expect me to go out with a bunch of kids, do you?

a.k.a. StacyYes! That doesn’t matter either! Everyone will be excited to see an adult playing! You’ve told us how much you enjoyed playing at the pub. Well, here’s your chance to be young again! Please, Uncle? For me?

UNCLE: (pauses, thinking it over) All right. Let’s get in line.


RECEPTIONIST: Okay, let’s see…Fake Geek Girl?

a.k.a. StacyYep, that’s what everyone calls me!

RECEPTIONIST: (stares disapprovingly) Sheesh, show some confidence, girl. (checks off name) Now…Filthy Casual?

Milking a pun for all its worthYes, ma’am.

RECEPTIONIST: (checks off name, turns to Uncle) Okay, what silly title are you going by?

UNCLE: Just Uncle.

RECEPTIONIST: (smiles, relieved) Thanks. You’re all confirmed. Please head down the hall.

Milking a pun for all its worthReady, everyone?

UNCLE: No. A lot of those kids look pretty good.

Milking a pun for all its worthAll the better to win against, right Stacy?

a.k.a. StacyYep. Can’t wait to hang with the pros. But before we go, just one more thing…(pulls out marker, scribbles on hand)


LUCAS: Well, well, the fakers have arrived. And oh look, “geek” girl’s brought her daddy to cry to.

a.k.a. StacyFor your information, he’s my uncle. And he’s playing in this tournament too. Got a problem with that?

LUCAS: Ooh, I’m so scared. So now you need some big strong man to play for you too?

UNCLE: Hmph. Kids these days. Now listen here boy. You better not be causing these two any problems, or else.

LUCAS: Or else what?

UNCLE: Your parents will be hearing about you.

LUCAS: (glares defiantly)

ANNOUNCER: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 6th annual Super Smash Bros Tournament. Each match will be single-elimination, one-on-one. Sixty-four smashers have come from all across the city and beyond, but only one will survive six gruelling battles to take away the Smash Cup. So, fighters, are you ready to SMAAAAAASH?


ANNOUNCER: Awesome! The first-round bracket has been determined. Fighters, take your positions in the assigned rooms. And remember, let’s keep it clean! Now come out fighting!

Milking a pun for all its worth(looks at bracket screen on the wall) Wow, Stacy. Take a look at who you’re up against.

a.k.a. Stacy(checks bracket, gasps) No way. (stares at Lucas)

LUCAS: (sneers back) Hmph. Scared, faker?

a.k.a. Stacy(waves hand with NerD written on it) No. Are you?

LUCAS: Ha, you kidding? Thanks for giving me a free round, Miss “Nerd”. Bring it.

a.k.a. StacyWith pleasure.

(What I’m Made Of from Sonic Heroes starts up)