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(Classroom at dawn)

a.k.a. Stacy(walks to desk, avoiding eye contact)

(chatter) Hey look, it’s Fake Geek Girl.

“I love RPGs! Zelda is my favourite!”

“Playing since the Nintendo. What’s a NES?”

“You need to beat a game to be a gamer?”

“What’s a Shenmue?”


a.k.a. Stacy(Frowns, bites lip while staring down aimlessly at her desk)


(school bell rings, outside the classroom)

a.k.a. Stacy(while quickly walking away, sees Oliver running towards her) Oh, it’s you.

Milking a pun for all its worthYou feeling all right?

a.k.a. Stacy(keeps walking)

Milking a pun for all its worthLook, I’m sorry about yesterday.

a.k.a. Stacy(keeps walking)

Milking a pun for all its worthOh, c’mon, don’t be like that! The club leader was scary!

a.k.a. Stacy(keeps walking)

Milking a pun for all its worthOkay, okay. I was wrong to throw you under the bus for cheap popularity. But you don’t know what it’s like, to constantly be told you’re not good enough to fit in.

a.k.a. Stacy(stops) You think? You heard everyone call me fake, and you think I don’t know? All my life, I’ve looked for the real me, someone people could accept, someone in the mirror I could be happy with. But no matter who I tried to be, I was always shut out. Every identity I put on, a fraud. If games are as uncool as everyone tells me, I’m not even cool enough to be uncool. So tell me I don’t know my own feelings.

(pauses) You were right. Who wants to be friends with a faker, anyway?

Milking a pun for all its worthI do. Because, I’m a faker myself. You saw how terrible my Pokémon are. Everyone seems to know more than I do, so I always lose. I can’t even beat Gobblegut.

a.k.a. Stacy…you mean from Super Mario Galaxy 2?

Milking a pun for all its worthUh-huh.

a.k.a. StacyDo you mind if I come over to your house? I’ve got all the stars except for the last one. That is, if you still want my help.

Milking a pun for all its worthSure. Meet you there!


(Oliver’s house, night.)

The Winner is…Zelda!

Milking a pun for all its worthAw, you would have been toast if I didn’t screw up that Aether!

a.k.a. StacyProve it then. Let’s go again!

Milking a pun for all its worthHey, did you hear? They’re hosting a Smash Bros tournament at the university! We should totally go! Besides, the Gamer Club will be there! If we win, it’ll show them!

a.k.a. StacyOh, I’d love to stuff their “faker” crap in their faces. But let’s get real. They’ve been playing for ages. I can’t even find anyone else to practice with. How are we going to get as good as them in a month?

Milking a pun for all its worthOh, right. We need to find some gaming guru or something…

a.k.a. StacyWait! That just gave me an idea. My uncle’s been an avid gamer since the arcade days. He was around for all the classics: Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, the like, and he’d always best his buddies in Street Fighter II! He could teach us a thing or two!

Milking a pun for all its worthDo you think he’d really want to play with us?

a.k.a. StacyUh, I’m not sure. We haven’t talked to each other for years. But it’s worth a try.