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What can I say, they’re adorable. Not the easiest creatures to catch on photography, but splendid when you can get a good shot.

See how many birds you can spot.

How many birds can you spot?

But as we all know, looks aren’t everything. Luckily, birds are full of personality.


Inquisitive university visitors.

They’re among the smartest animals on Earth. Ravens and crows are quite adept with tools, and even can learn what gravity is.

And they  know their way around people. One can only imagine what bird society is like.

One can’t forget Raven’s place in the Haida creation story, such as how he stole the sun to give to the world. And nowadays, his descendants continue to trick people out of stuff, or at least try to. They even made their mark in video games with the awe-inspiring Chozo of Metroid fame.

Imagine, someday, they could well inherit the earth. But in the meantime, they will continue to watch high above us as we in turn watch them.

The hero humanity deserves.

The hero humanity deserves, but not the one it needs right now.