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So 2013 has passed ending in bad weather and marginally better spirits. It is a “13” year after all. But enough about that.

When I think about my resolutions for 2014, it always seems to come back to writing, whether it be for my Master’s work, for this blog, or for other events. For one thing, I seem to have a different attitude to writing for academia compared to when I post here. With the former, I tend to be slow and anxious of what to put, while here I just go with whatever is on my mind, changing what I had originally planned mid-way when I see what I had already written. I guess aside from revisions being more important in official writing, I don’t worry as much on WordPress since I treat it as my personal diary under a pseudonym, so I don’t feel the pressure of being judged nearly as much. Obviously though, I could be a lot more productive if I wrote my thesis the way I write my blog entries, at least for the first draft. Anything to reduce anxiety could only be a good thing.

But I’m striving to write better on the blog as well, inspired by other bloggers on my side bar. When you see consistently well-written and thoughtful blog entries, especially when they reveal what you too are thinking, it sets a standard to aspire to. And that’s one of my reasons for posting my diary entries in public; I want to touch people in the same way. Even when I am feeling particularly vindictive, it’s also because I know that other people have been hurt similarly. Nonetheless, people are complex, and everyone has their own motives. To understand people is tricky, but it’s a challenge I’m willing to accept.

Last year, I discovered Alice Munro. Obviously, the Nobel Prize and Canadian pride were catalysts, but primarily those reminded me of Sarah Polley’s Away from Her. And if she could make such a great adaptation of one of her stories with such love and care, Alice must be interesting. And I haven’t read Chekhov or Falkner, but her stories are unlike anything I have ever seen before, with ordinary people having their personalities so nakedly displayed, yet with impartial narration. I would definitely like to write more about my impressions of Dear Life in a future blog post, but I have been reading the compilation slowly so each story can make an impact and I would like to get through the entire book just in case my thoughts change. But it’s true what they say about Alice Munro’s stories having the contents of novels.

In fact, I guess I always had the mind to write my own stories, but was intimidated by the prospect. Yet with so much inspiration, I think I ought to try this year. The blog would serve as a good venue for creative writing after all.

So, happy 2014, and may you all act towards fulfilling your dreams, breaking the mental chains that hold you back. I know I will do the same.