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On May 2, 2011, Canadians officially revoked their right to laugh at Americans. Why? Because we rewarded a guy who has repeatedly shown himself to be untrustworthy; a man who had to resort to proroguing twice at this point when things weren’t going his way; the only leader in the entire 54 countries making up the Commonwealth ever to be found in contempt of Parliament. Whether it was robocalls, vote splitting, propaganda, or whatever, he got a majority. Those last few years? They were just the beginning.

Yeah, I know. Our ruling Conservative Party being terrible is nothing new, but his rejecting the UN’s call to investigate missing Aboriginal women was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I mean, when you are getting called out on human rights issues by Iran, you know you’re a loser. And Harper was all willing to use Iran as an excuse but apparently has no problem joining it in the group of countries who didn’t sign the Arms Trade Treaty to stop selling weapons to countries who would kill their own people. And even worse, he has a long history of not giving a shit about Aboriginal people. Remember when we were known as caring and internationally engaged? How the hell did we end up being represented by the ultimate example of Somebody Else’s Problem?

So what does he care about? Oil, and lots of it. While Europe and even the U.S. are moving forward in energy efficiency and renewable power, the Conservative party instead decides we should be heading towards the Jurassic age. With the current trend we’re going to see emissions skyrocket and already Alberta has more per capita emissions than even Qatar. That’s a great image for our country, isn’t it? And of course, scientists and even people getting sick are being silenced because we can’t let something inconvenient like facts get in the way of jobs, growth, prosperity. Even a once-respected climate change journalist is willing to become a mere shill as “Environment Minister”. (I hate to be cliché, but doesn’t that label sound straight out of 1984?)

Speaking of the economy, it sure is great that the Conservatives are so great at fiscal management that they have to blow millions of dollars to constantly remind us about it. But guess what? They manage to suck at that too. Yep, failing at the very thing they advertise. I guess that strategy works as long as no one bothers to check, but this is politics after all where ideology trumps facts.

And of course, there’s his view on asbestos. Yes, everyone in industry knows that it’s bad for you, but Somebody Else’s Problem, remember?

It’s amazing that it took a Senate scandal for people to finally catch on, considering everything else, but that’s one leak Harper couldn’t plug. But regardless, we all need to do our part to vote out the Conservatives next election. It’s not about partisanship at all since they even fail at being “conservative”. It’s about not wanting to be known as the country that doesn’t care about Aboriginals, or child soldiers, or anyone, or anything. I hate to say it, but voting for this Conservative party is outright unethical and we shouldn’t make the same mistake again.