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Have you ever wondered what that stranger at the train station has to say? What stories they have lurking within? I guess I do for an instant, but then the train arrives and we have places to go. And the mystery will forever remain unsolved.

There are many ways to form friendships. Often, you happen to be in the same group as someone else, whether it be family, classroom, club, or so on, and you bond over similar circumstances. But occasionally, you happen to pass by someone and strike a conversation with them. And you want to learn more about them, because they’re interesting.

It’s fascinating, meeting someone outside your usual social circle. After talking with them, I always wish we would cross paths again. But even when we attend the same area such as a university campus, people can feel so distant. With those we don’t meet on a regular basis, there’s never enough time. It feels like it could last forever, but just when things are starting to get intriguing, we have to part ways to get on with our lives. And so I express regret towards what I neglected to say as “next time” may be far away if there even is a “next time”. Yet when time fortune favours us, it always feels like a special occasion; for something new to discover, pieces to fill in the puzzle of the mind, and they’re not the kind of person you meet every day.

Speaking of which, then I realize that I may have taken my close circle of friends for granted, as if there was all the time in the world. It’s not like they have hidden mysteries either; it’s just that we never bothered to ask. The questions I posed to others, I should consider asking them. I may think I know their story well, but everyone has the capacity to surprise and we wear so many different masks that discovering them all could take a lifetime.

And then there’s the WordPress connection. In an environment which blurs the line between diary and editorial, it seems people tend to be more candid and in fact I have been inspired to be more open about my personality due to the blogs I’ve read and followed. This is where people tell their stories in the hope of helping others find their way, and some are so compelling that I wish to meet the person who so kindly permitted me to enter their mind. I have not met anyone from the Internet this way yet, but I would love the opportunity to do so.

Openness. That’s what it’s about. When time is a commodity, you learn to be thankful for what you have. With billions of people in the world, every friend adds to the rich and diverse tapestry of life. And whether you’ve just met or have been together for a long time, it all starts…by saying hello.