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There you are in a quiet room, just going along with your daily net business. You see a link that’s interesting, so you click on it. Perhaps you also have a few open in the background as you read along. Suddenly, a great loud noise bursts out from the screen. You are instantly taken aback and scramble to locate the source of that infernal sound. In a desperate attempt to shut the damn thing off, you keep clicking between tabs and scrolling up and down and all around. Eventually, you find it inconspicuously tucked away on the top right hand corner of your screen. And if you’re in a room full of people, congratulations. Now you’re the centre of attention.

Seriously, who thought these things were a good idea? I know that advertisements were always about annoying the crap out of you so that you’ll remember it weeks afterward, but this, this is like someone just jumping right in front of you on a quiet street and screaming like a hooligan while running in all directions so you can’t get the person to go away. Don’t we have a right to peace and quiet when we expect that sort of thing? I mean, those ads could at least be polite and ask our permission to annoy the crap out of us. Even those irritating softcore porn ads don’t just come out of nowhere. Or sure, waiting for an ad before an online video is akin to getting stuck in traffic, but when we go driving on a busy street, we expect to get held up. Similarly, when we’re watching a video, we expect sound as part of the experience, and even silent films are the exception rather than the norm nowadays (not even going into background music). But when we just want to read something and video ads just rudely interrupt? That’s bullshit.