Well, what do people usually use blogs for? Catharsis is a pretty common and universal motive. Sharing your experience with the human condition is what people like to do on these things. Others are convinced they are totally right and want to convince everyone else too.

In any case, out of all the blogging sites, it seems WordPress is by far the best one. There are quite a lot of interesting perspectives in this sphere that convinced me to join in on this as well. So this is my introduction. Whatever I’ll post in the future will depend on how I’m feeling at any given moment. Sometimes it’ll be reflections on life. Other times it will be simple promotions of things I like. Yet other times it will be expressions of a burning desire to eviscerate issues that irk me about the world, likely sociopolitical in nature (I believe George Orwell when he claims that it’s an unavoidable subject).

Ah, my username. I felt particularly pretentious, so I just put up a thesaurus site for two words that expressed a vague way of saying that users on the Internet are sort of real, but not really. I mean, when you see only words and a carefully selected image to represent one, it’s harder to tell whether someone is being sincere or just projecting an artificially constructed persona. Of course, we do that to some degree in real life too, but body language and tone of voice, among other things, can often give away the illusion.

But that’s enough out of me. See you next